The Code of the Warrior

Years ago, we realized that this team had to be about friendship.   It had to be about taking a good person and teaching them how to play airsoft.   It couldn't be about hazing or being a prick... friends treat each other with respect even while laughing at them.

So we came up with an actual program to bring new players in.

New players that are interested in Joining the Team become new members when one or more members of the team are willing to sponsor that player.

This means that anyone that contacts the team is asked to come out and meet the guys, usually at an open game or some other type of event.   If the team feels comfortable with you, then we invite you to become a probationary member.

Usually a probationary member has to play three games with more then four other RB members present and staying around him or her.   The RB members then report back to the rest of the team.   We live by the simple recruitment motto "you can teach anyone to airsoft, but you cant teach an asshole not to be an asshole."   And that is important.  It is not skill or tactical ability, it is honor that we are looking for.   Tendancies to be non truthful, to be violent, to not think before acting, to fail to follow the simplest of directions, disrespect for other players, and any other symptoms of being a jackass will not and will never be tolerated.   Honest play, even if a person blows fucking goats and a little bit of humbleness are usually all that is needed to be impressive.

During the period of time that the player is invited to three games, that player should be accumulating the RB loadout (found on another page) and should come up with his or her own definition of honor.   This is important to us, as we will hold you to your definition, whatever it might be.

The probationary member must also pick any three chapters of the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, read them and be prepared to either talk about how they relate to airsoft... while drinking or eating food.

Finally, after the third probationary game, the probationary player must Organize (not pay for) a social activity for the team off the field.  Past activities have been go karting, arcades, laser tag, bowling, bbqs.. etc... and during this social activity, the probationary member must stand up and recite his definition of honor, will be asked about his interpretation of any of the three chapters he read in The Art of War... and must stand up and recite... The Code of the Warrior.

The Code of the Warrior is hard to understand.   Renegade Bloc for some reason has always had an affinity for the wrestler formally known as the Ultimate Warrior.   He made us laugh.  Trying to quote him made us laugh more.   Screaming like a crazed freak during games made us laugh harder.. and the military members of the team wanted a "Soldiers Creed" or something similar that we could live by.

After some adult beverages, a group of members sat down on youtube and transcribed crazy shit the Ultimate Warrior yelled on WWF interviews, smashed them together, and it became the Code of the Warrior.

Upon the probationary member successfully standing up and reciting the Code of the Warrior... that probationary member is given a team callsign, with a relative cool factor to how well the Code was recited.   If its absolute shit, you are getting a stupid name.  If it is amazing... you pretty much get whatever you want.   After getting a callsign, the probationary member earns a Renegade Bloc patch, and the party continues.

The Code of the Warrior  (best recited as a team during games... usually in the darkness)

Normal people!

The people that walk the streets every day. You cannot understand!
The family that I live for only breathes the air that smells of combat!

How must we prepare … should we jump off the tallest building in the world? Should we lay on the lawn and let them run us over with lawnmowers? Should we go to Africa and let them trample us with raging elephants?

There is no place to run!

All of the fuses in the exit signs have been burnt out!
Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel. Load it with the warriors!
With the command of our voice we raise the power of the warriors to one that cannot be reproduced!

Come on in where nightmares are the best part of our day.
We live for anger and frustration.

Combat is where we will be.